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  • Back in 2008, I attended and played a showcase at NACA West, then spent part of 2009 playing college shows that I booked there. Mike and I manned (and womanned) our own booth together. We had a great time, and you can read all about it in this ‘vintage’ blog from that fall…which includes an appearance from Mr. Belding. This fall I’m VERY pleased to be playing showcases at NACA conferences in Buffalo (Mid-Atlantic) and Covington, KY (Mid-America), and possibly one more. This time around I’ve got help from Jose over at Call Box Entertainment. I’m hammering out some details, but I will be adding a few shows around each conference, finally giving me the chance to return to my beloved Michigan (GR! I’m coming to you!), hopefully NYC, and more! So if you’ve been hoping I might come to your town, please stay tuned. And wish me luck!

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  • naca madness…

     /  18 Nov 2008  

    Mike and I had a GREAT time at the NACA conference this past weekend. The showcase, while scary (hello, big red digital clock with five minutes counting down in front of you) went so well. We decided to throw in a cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and while I couldn’t see the audience in the blaring spotlight, I could hear them singing along the whole time. Fab. We played a short version of “Comfort” (which we really could have done fully…I write short songs) that went over well, too, and our booth was swarming at the start of the “Marketplace” (we had a booth, as you’ll see below). I don’t have any official news to share yet, but I certainly hope to have some college shows for Spring ’09 posted soon! Read the rest of this entry »

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  • back to school!

     /  12 Nov 2008  

    No, I’m not going to grad school. I’m going back to college – kind of. Actually, I’m just hoping to get booked to play at a bunch of colleges, which will be more fun than writing papers, I think. (Well, I actually liked writing papers…ah, nerddom.) In hopes of achieving my back-to-school dreams, tomorrow I’m attending the NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) conference right here in Southern CA. I was picked to play a showcase (yay), so Mike and I will be playing a couple songs tomorrow for college booking folks, who are mostly students or their overseeing faculty.
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