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“Kristy Hanson’s ditty ‘Welcome Me Home, West Hollywood’…is as winsome and as sunny as the city it tributes. Palm trees, Sunset Boulevard, and new beginnings get a shout-out. Righteous.”NBC Los Angeles
“…a class act.” Margaret Grey, Los Angeles Times
“Into the Quiet features Kristy’s sweet yet powerhouse voice and sharp songwriting on twelve incredible pop/folk-y tracks. It’s an addictive album.”Blissfully Domestic
“I’m sure if Kristy sang the ingredients of a paint tin, you would still feel inspired with her willingness to share her seductive country/folk to the point of luxury verse.”Mojophenia
“The ex-Grand Rapidian, U-M vocal performance major and now Los Angeles-based Hanson keeps honing her considerable singer-songwriter talents, with breezy-but-captivating, pop- and rock-flavored songs that spotlight her emotion-packed, powerful vocals.” Grand Rapids Press
“A nice leap forward for Kristy, whose second CD builds on her first with stronger production, stronger songs” Bruce Greenberg, The Promise Live
“A songstress with a lot of heart.” Music Goat
” ‘Wrong Way’ features her most urgent but at the same time effortless vocal performance on the album, driving along with the overdriven guitar in the background that sets the upbeat tempo. It’s a great introduction to her music and what she is capable of.”
“While folk-pop might be the best description here – there’s plenty of grit on this recording too. Hanson puts together a nice blend…Her voice is great and her songwriting is spot-on. If you’re a fan of the folk-pop genre, Hanson won’t disappoint.” Jeff Bouma, WYCE

Praise for Already Gone

“My goodness, Kristy Hanson is a soul-searching, soul-touching, wonderfully expressive songwriter… Today’s music needs more talent on par with Kristy Hanson and her endlessly engaging ‘Already Gone’.”
“A delightful CD.”Josiah Lambert, XM Radio
“…a sweet pop voice…angelic high notes…”
“I like the songwriting, I like the voice, I like the whole package…Give it a listen. If you like folk pop, I am sure you will dig this.” Collected Sounds

Kristy in the media

Selected Press

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Notable Festival/Conference Appearances

2012 NACA Nat’l Convention (alt.)

2011 NACA MidAmerica Showcase

2011 NACA MidAtlantic Showcase

2008 NACA West Showcase

2007 Los Angeles Jeff Buckley Tribute

2007 LA Women’s Music Festival

2005 Rockrgrl Conference, Seattle

2005 Midwest Music Summit

Selected Radio Features

Ann Delisi’s Essential Music, Detroit

XM Satellite Radio’s “Radar Report”

KCSN’s “Tied to the Tracks”

WCBN, Ann Arbor

Mitch Albom Show (syndicated)

WYCE, Grand Rapids

Selected Radio Play

KSSU – Sacramento, CA

KSFS – San Francisco, CA

KPAC – Stockton, CA

WTTS – Indianapolis, IN

WTMD – Baltimore, MD

WYCE – Grand Rapids, MI

KDHX – St. Louis, MO

WRPI – Albany, NY

WRHU – Nassau-Suffolk, NY

WRUW – Cleveland, OH

WERG – Erie, PA

WRKC – Scranton, PA

KTCU – Forth Worth, TX

KPFT – Houston, TX

KSYM – San Antonio, TX

WOMM-LP – Burlington, VT