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  • Can you believe it? That it’s really really real? I actually got goosebumps just typing that title.

    On Tuesday, after volunteering at the polls for No on Prop 8 (which I CANNOT believe passed – that’s for another blog), I came home and got ready to have friends over. I admit that I was rather nervous about the whole thing, particularly as we watched the early results came in…but then came Pennsylvania. I started feeling that an Obama win was really possible. After that, I got a little distracted by entertaining our guests, all in really high spirits and talking over the TV. But suddenly things got quiet, and everyone was trying to read the tiny numbers on the screen. “Is that 284 electoral votes for Obama?” someone said, followed by someone saying, “No, I think it’s 254…” And we were all squinting and wondering if it could be true. Suddenly it flashed onto the screen, at first so quickly that we all thought we were dreaming, “Obama elected President.” After a moment of disbelief, everyone started cheering. I started crying, not exactly bawling, but not just teary eyes, either. I just kept thinking about everyone I had seen work SO hard, and so tirelessly, and, as my mom said of the people in the Florida office where she volunteered, “always with smiles on their faces.” So much positive energy seemed unstoppable, and, as it turns out, it was.
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  • Mike passed on this lovely little Michael Penn ditty called “The Count of Pennsylvania” to me today. Do listen to the whole thing by visiting Spencer’s Blog. He sings “…it’s rising up, a high tide/stretching out so far and wide/the line is long but worth the ride/so get in on the landslide/get in on the landslide”
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  • adventures in canvassing

     /  22 Oct 2008  

    I don’t want to hide my political leanings here – politics is more a part of my life these days, so I want to share it. And I certainly hope that you’ll take any of my political ranting as an invitation to express your opinions here, too. This is all to say that last weekend, I made the trek to Nevada to volunteer for the Obama campaign. And here’s how that went.
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  • doggone it…

     /  05 Oct 2008  

    There was a great Maureen Dowd article today that took a look at Sarah Palin’s “relationship with the English language.” Do check it out!

    With Tina Fey’s parodies so closely mirroring what Palin herself says, and with Palin sometimes seeming like a folksy caricature of herself, it’s easy to pretend that she is indeed a funny character. But over the last couple days she’s been repeating a smear about Obama “palling around with terrorists,” claiming that he’s an outsider who “doesn’t see America like you and I see America.” Not so cute and folksy anymore.

    I’m worried that people will take her recent, nastier-than-ever, attacks on Obama seriously, but a democratic strategist pointed out: “The problem is the messenger. If you want to start throwing fire bombs, you don’t send out the fluffy bunny to do it.” Plus, people who take her at her word were probably a lost cause, anyway, because I did also read today that she called Afghanistan “our neighboring country.” Oh, boy. Bless her heart…

  • today, not so much fun

     /  02 Oct 2008  

    The problem with being self-employed is that it sure doesn’t come with benefits. I’ve seen too many terrible things – like cancer – happen to people my age or barely older (or younger), so I don’t believe in going without health insurance. Many of my friends in LA, who work as freelance musicians or writers, simply go without. Since I’ve stopped working a full-time ‘day job,’ I’ve been paying out of pocket. But in a weird twist of events, today I’ve been put into a position where I’m potentially without insurance. I’ve spent the whole damn day up to this point applying for a new health plan. It’s confusing enough when you have to choose between plans your employer might offer, which I’ve done, but when you’re starting from scratch, it’s completely overwhelming. You pick the plan you think you can afford but then find out they don’t cover brand prescriptions, or maybe the doctor’s visits aren’t covered, so you start all over again. And then you could very well be rejected, and you’re back to scratch, and you feel that you’ve been punished for any health problem you’ve ever had. Literally. Like I’m sitting here wishing I didn’t have asthma, not because it’s a health problem, but because it might interfere with my ability to get insured. Read the rest of this entry »