Kristy Hanson

  • NYMF success and looking forward!

     /  15 Aug 2014  

    After a successful (!) fundraising campaign, we had an absolutely amazing time debuting “Sing Me Home” in NYC at NYMF. I feel so honored to have heard Mandy Gonzalez and Telly Leung sing my songs (not to mention all the talented singers who performed them in our LA preview concert)! Now we’re looking ahead to the future, which should include some staged readings coming up before too long. Between that and some film/TV placements currently in the works, 2015 is shaping up to be potentially crazy/awesome.

    I don’t have concerts of my own scheduled for the fall right now, but that can and often does change quickly! I’ll be updating my entire website very soon, and the shows portion will be up to date there – so stay tuned.

  • NYC here we come!

     /  12 Jun 2014  

    Well. This has been quite a crazy few weeks. My friend Amber Cassell and I found out that the pop/rock musical we wrote together (yeah, I wrote the music) was selected for a two-day concert stint at the prestigious New York Musical Theater Festival, or NYMF, July 20 and 21 (we’re also doing a preview show with our friends here in LA July 13). It’s been non-stop activity since then, including securing fabulous musicians and bona fide Broadway stars Mandy Gonzalez and Telly Leung as our performers. I can hardly believe it’s all happening…meanwhile it CAN’T really happen without your help. Please check out our Indiegogo campaign to find out how and why we need you! And watch this space for more updates!

  • BMI’s acoustic lounge, tonight!

     /  05 May 2014  

    I am, as always honored to be a part of BMI’s Acoustic Lounge songwriter showcase, tonight at Genghis Cohen. It’s a great venue and there’s great food in the restaurant part of it, so it should be a great night. Oh, and it’s free!

    Thanks to all of you who came out to Witzend recently – many of you, twice! – and I’ll keep you posted on more developments. There are some more special shows in the works, and most of all I’m hoping to get back into the studio to record some of Mike’s my East Paris stuff this summer. Rock ‘n roll!

  • I’m very excited to be singing a couple songs tomorrow night as part of The Satellite’s Little Richard tribute. You can check out a cool write-up of the show here. I rehearsed with my band – Mike Chiaburu, Joe Ayoub, and Jorge Balbi – last night, and that was already too much fun. With an awesome lineup, it promises to be a fantastic evening. It’s totally free, so don’t worry about cash, but be sure to bring your dancin’ shoes!

  • Drumroll, please… (why, thank you, Jorge!)

    We’ve got a show date! We’ll be playing Friday, March 14, 8 pm at Venice’s Witzend. It’s such an awesome venue – every musician I talk to loves it, and when I sang there with my buddy Kim DiVine I loved it, too. So I know you’ll have a good time lounging, eating and drinking there while I serenade you. The full band – Tim Young, Jorge Balbi, Mike Chiaburu – will be joining me, and it’s just going to be very special all-around, I think. Save the date – or even get your tix now! I’ll see you soonish my friends!

  • radio and rdio and shows!

     /  14 Jan 2014  

    Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are having a very happy new year so far!

    We’ve been quite busy, and I’m very grateful that “Piece of Your Heart” has been getting radio play from college stations across the country, from Boston to Colorado. It’s even been nominated for a best album award from one of my favorite stations, WYCE (from my former stomping ground of Grand Rapids)! My song “Stay” currently plays every Tuesday on Women of Substance Radio, and with the album now on Rdio and Spotify, you can hear it just about every way you like to listen to music!

    What you haven’t heard yet are these songs played live! We’re currently cooking up a great show for you, and will be announcing new dates very soon! Stay tuned.

  • CD on bandcamp now!

     /  11 Nov 2013  

    For those of you who’ve been asking about physical copies of the CD, you can now order them on Bandcamp. Thanks to everyone who’s been listening and and sharing the music!

  • EP now on iTunes!

     /  09 Nov 2013  

    Hello friends! Thanks to those of you who have been checking out the songs on SoundCloud – I’m so glad you seem to be enjoying the tunes. Every single comment and “like” means lots to me, and I’d love it if you’d help me get the word out by sharing the music with anyone you think might like it! You can also, of course, support by buying the EP on iTunes, where it’s now available. My friend David Garcia swears it’s the best $5 you’ll spend all week, and who am I to contradict a smart dude? :) Happy weekend, and more news soon.

  • introducing…the new EP!

     /  21 Oct 2013  

    I’m very happy to announce the release of my new EP, “Piece of Your Heart.” Our first single, “Stay,” is now on SoundCloud and we’ll be rolling out more songs over the next couple weeks (follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest)! The full EP will be available on iTunes November 4, but do check out the tracks we’re releasing in the meantime. I hope these songs make you smile, and ideally, bop around your living room. Listen, enjoy, share!

    AND: I must thank the amazing dudes who made this thing happen - Mike Chiaburu (bassist/producer), Jesse String (engineer/producer), Jorge Balbi (drums), Timothy Young (guitar), and Reuben Cohen (mastering).

  • stu-stu-studio

     /  11 Jul 2013  

    It has been a crazy few weeks, including some marathon recording sessions spread out over 5 days at Kingsize Soundlabs in Silverlake, Hobby Shop in Highland Park, and some vocal tracking at our engineer Jesse String’s home studio. I have, of course, loved every minute. Every second! (except for that part where I tripped on the sidewalk outside the studio and almost broke my toe. I’m a clumsy one). The talent – and especially creativity – of everyone involved has been really inspiring to me, and I feel like I’ve been pushing my voice into new territory. Certainly out of my comfort zone, and I think that kind of scary = good. I’m energized and excited by it all. I hope that, when it finally comes to your ears, you’ll find it exciting, too.

    What with various travel plans and other life-craziness within our team, we’ll have to finish up odds and ends and moving into mixing at the beginning of August. Surely we will begin releasing the tracks and will have a show to celebrate in the fall here in LA, and hopefully, some other spots across the country! Stay tuned.